Frodsham £10 Gift Vouchers

If you are 70 or older and you would like to apply for the Frodsham Town Council Gift Vouchers please complete the Application Form and return to the Office in Castle Park

We need them to be signed by individual applicants, confirming their date of birth and that they accept the rules listed below :

Frodsham Gift Voucher Scheme

Following the success of previous years, Frodsham Town Council is delighted to announce the 2015 Frodsham Gift Voucher scheme.

How to apply

All applicants must reapply again this year so if you are a resident of Frodsham who will be 70 on or before 31 January 2016, please complete the application form below and return it to the Town Council Office, Footman’s Cottage, Castle Park or to any Town Councillor on or before Friday 6 November 2015.  Vouchers will be delivered on or before 28 November 2015 in time for the Christmas Festival.   A full list of participating businesses, clubs and societies where vouchers may be exchanged will be published in November.

Local Businesses, Clubs and Societies in Frodsham

As with the recipients of the vouchers, businesses, clubs and societies must also reapply again this year.  The Town Council will, subject to the detailed rules and conditions, redeem each valid voucher it receives from a business or local group by 29 February 2016 for £10.  The Town Council sees this initiative as being an excellent opportunity for local groups to put on events for our older residents and potentially to raise money. Some of our older residents may like to donate their vouchers to a local group or society – the Town Council will be prepared to accommodate this too, again subject to the detailed rules and conditions.
If your group would like to be an active participant in this scheme please contact the Town Council by 6 November 2015 with details of your proposals.   All local groups and societies that are active within Frodsham to a significant degree will be eligible to exchange the valid vouchers for money with the Town Council providing the vouchers are submitted for exchange by 29 February 2016.

Voucher Scheme rules

  1. That at 31 January 2016 the applicant is 70 years of age or older and has only made this one application for a voucher.
  2. That the applicant is a resident of Frodsham and is shown as a resident of Frodsham on the current electoral roll.
  3. That Frodsham Town Council (FTC) will make checks to confirm the validity of certain applications and reserves the right to require proof of age and residency to support any application
  4. FTC reserves the right to refuse to issue a voucher to anyone for any reason where they believe that is necessary to preserve the integrity of the scheme.
  5. FTC’s responsibility is to issue the voucher only – it is a matter for the local business, groups and societies whether they will accept them.
  6. Vouchers will be issued by 28 November 2015. All vouchers expire on 31 January 2016 whether or not they have been presented.
The vouchers cannot be exchanged for money by any applicant.
  8. All businesses, groups and societies must present the vouchers for payment by FTC by 29 February 2016; payments by FTC will be made to those with valid claims on or before 31 March 2016.
  9. FTC reserves the right to limit the issue of vouchers so that its liability in terms of paying against valid vouchers does not exceed the budgeted figure of £8,000 – and in applying such a limit FTC may either reduce the value of the voucher or choose to issue the vouchers on a first come first served basis up to the budgeted figure.