Community Committee

Event Details

Agenda – Meeting 3 (2017/18)

Community Committee Agenda 15.08.17 (3)

Community Committee Minutes 15.08.17 (3) Draft subject to confirmation

33Apologies for absence
34Declarations of Interest
35Minutes of Meeting 2 – 18.07.17

To approve and sign as a true record.

Community Committee Minutes 18.07.17 (2) subject to confirmation

36Opportunity for Public to Speak
36.1Mrs P Scott – Bus Shelter Challenge
37Bus Shelter Challenge

To discuss the idea of a competition and agree actions.

38Play Areas
38.1Maintenance Programme

To receive an update and discuss any actions.


To note feedback from the contractor and agree actions.

39Over 70s Voucher Scheme

39. Over 70s Vouchers

39.1To agree the timetable and rules for the scheme in 2017.
39.2To discuss advertising and agree actions.
40Field Rental Applications

To discuss and agree any rental applications including:

Silcocks Fair – use of the community field 31 August to 3 September.

41.1To receive feedback from the Allotment Training Event.
41.2To agree to approach CWAC about asset transfer of Ashton Drive Allotments.
42Hanging Baskets 2018
42.1To agree to start the tendering process for 2018 and agree the paperwork.

42.1. Hanging Baskets 2018

42.2To discuss the potential to discuss other planter maintenance.
43Memorial Gates

To discuss maintenance of the area around the gates and agree actions.

44Frodsham Christmas Festival
44.1To note the minutes of the Christmas Festival Planning Group and the decision made.

44.1. 170726 CFPG notes

44.2To agree the expenditure from the £8000 budget.
45New Year’s Eve Fireworks
45.1To note the Incident Report and agree any actions.

45.1. Incident Report

45.2To agree the quotation for NYE Firework on 31 Dec 2017.
46Caternary Wires

To agree the testing of the catenary cables and anchor points @ £805+VAT.

47Christmas Lights

To agree the annual maintenance on the Christmas Lights @ 950+VAT.

48Local Councils Excellence Awards

To consider making nominations and agree actions.

48. Local Councils Excellence Awards

49Clerk’s updates

To note information items.

50Next meeting – 19 September 2017