Community Committee

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Agenda – Meeting 4 (2017/18)

Community Committee Agenda 19.09.17 (4)

Community Committee Minutes 19.09.17 (4)

51Apologies for absence
52Declarations of Interest
53Minutes of Meeting 3 – 15.08.17

To approve and sign as a true record.

Community Committee Minutes 15.08.17 (3)

54Opportunity for Public to Speak
55Play Areas

To note feedback from the contractor and agree actions.

To discuss the quotation for upgrading the floor surface @ £1,278+VAT.

55.2Townfield Lane

To agree to sign the 25-year lease.

To agree the date of the next working group meeting.

55.2 Lease-Frodsham

55.3Park Lane Play Area
55.3iTo approve the final design, costs and timetable for the new play area, and recommend this to council.
55.3iiTo recommend to council signing of the contract for the delivery of the new play area.
56Field Rental Applications

To discuss and agree any rental applications.


To discuss the response from CWAC about the asset transfer of Ashton Drive Allotments and agree actions.

58Hanging Baskets 2018
58.1To agree the tender paperwork and process.

58.1 Hanging Baskets 2018

58.2To agree a meeting with CWAC about other planter maintenance and who should attend.
59Frodsham Christmas Festival

To note the minutes of the Christmas Festival Planning Group held on 30 August and the decision made.

59. 170830 CFPG notes

60New Year’s Eve Fireworks
60.1To discuss potential sites for the fireworks display and agree action.
60.2To agree the quotation for NYE Firework on 31 Dec 2017.
61Local Councils Excellence Awards

To note the recommendations from the working group and agree actions.

62.1To agree a quotation for the repairs to a bench on Ship Street and 2 on Townfield Play Area @ £160+VAT.
62.2To agree the quotation for the refurbishing the benches (deadline for tenders 18.09.17)
63Individuals in Crisis

To discuss Sainsburys Scheme and to agree actions.

63 Sainsburys Initiative

64.1To agree to give funeral directors a key and ask them to open and close the toilets at funerals.
64.2To receive an update and agree any actions on maintenance of the cemetery building.
65Bellemonte Road

To discuss and agree to add and maintain a planter.

66Clerk’s updates

To note information items.

67Next meeting – 17 October 2017