Environment Committee

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Agenda – Meeting 1 (2017/18)

Environment Committee Agenda 06.06.17

Minutes of Environment Committee 06.06.17

1To elect the Chair to serve until the Annual Meeting of the Council in May 2018
2To elect the Vice Chair to serve until the Annual Meeting of the Council in May 2017
3Terms of Reference for 2017-18
3.1To note the Terms of Reference approved by council on 22 May.

3.1 Environment_ToR 2017-18

3.2To review the budget and recommend any changes to council.
4Apologies for Absence
5Declarations of Interest
6Minutes of Meeting 12 held on 2 May 2017: Acceptance & Signing

12 Environment Minutes 02.05.17

7Matters Arising
8Opportunity for the Public to Speak

Mrs Albeson & Mrs Lightfoot – Howey Lane

9 Howey Lane

To discuss the issues raised by Mrs Albeson & Mrs Lightfoot and agree any actions.

10Tree Matters
10.1To note the response from CWAC about the maintenance of the bank of mature trees on Red Lane leading up to the junction with Fluin lane.
10.2Kemp tree on Castle Park – to receive an update.
10.3Trinity Gardens – to note the advice given by Mr T Blundell.

10.3 Trinity Gardens5

10.4Castle Park Tree Trail – to note the survey carried out by Mr T Blundell.

10.4 Castle Park requirements

11Rights of Way Maintenance
11.1NCRUG letter – to note the response from CWAC.
11.2Footpaths – to discuss any issues and agree actions.
12Manley Road Copse
12.1To note that the fence has been built to fill the gap in the hedge.
12.2To discuss plans for the Copse
12.3To receive an update on the bench
13Community Orchards
13.1To discuss the extension plans for Ship Street and agree action.

13.1 Ship Street CC Plan

13.2To discuss the schedule of grass cutting at the orchards and agree changes to the SLA.
14Hob Hey Wood
14.1Boardwalks – to note update on repairs.
14.2 5 year Plan – to receive an update.
15Memorial Field

To note update on the poppy area.

16Festival of Walks

To receive a report from the FFOW Working Group.

16. Festival of Walks 2017

17Litter Picking
17.1To receive a report back on the Salt Works event on 13 May.
17.2To plan future events.

To discuss the quotations for biochemical oxygen demand testing and agree actions.

19River Weaver Navigation Society

To receive feedback and agree any actions.

20Air Quality

To note the ongoing consultation and this will be a substantive item on the next agenda.

21UEOG Working Group

To note the date for the next meeting.

22Clerk’s Items

Any other matters considered to be urgent for discussion, or item for next agenda

23Date of the next meeting: Tuesday 4 July at 7pm at CPH.

Committee members: Cllr C Ashton, Cllr L Brown, Cllr V Kirk, Cllr P Martin, Cllr A Oulton, Cllr F Sutton & Cllr P Williamson