Frodsham Town Council

Event Details

Agenda Meeting 2 (2017/18)

Please note that the timing is approximate. The meeting will start after the end of the Annual Meeting of the Town Council.
2. FTC Agenda 22.05.172 FTC Minutes 22.05.17

23Declarations of Interest
24Minutes of the Meeting No17 – 24 April 2017

To approve and sign as a true record.

17. FTC Minutes 24.04.17 (17)

25Minutes of the Meeting No1 – 22 May 2017

To note these will be present to the next meeting on 24 July for approval.

26Right for the public to speak

  1. Mrs Albeson – Howey Lane
  2. Mrs Scott – Membership of committees
27Finance Management: 01.04.17 – 30.04.17

To note the finance report.

27 Finance Report

27.1Paid Expenditure

To note the total expenditure in April 2017 was £ 14,194.61

27.2Received Income

To note the total receipts in April 2017 was £ 225,311.43

27.3Bank Reconciliation

To note that, after all considerations total cash balances at the end of April 2017 were £439,143.13

27.4Annual Return Section 2 – Accounting Statement

To approve the Accounting Statement in Section 2 of the Annual Return.

28Committee Minutes
28.1Environment Committee – 2.05.17

To note the minutes of the meeting and the decisions taken.
12 Environment Minutes 02.05.17

28.2P&P Committee – 8.05.17

To note the minutes of the meeting, the decisions taken and the following recommendations:
13. PP Minutes 08.05.17 (13)
R1. To agree the move into Office 1 and delegate TC to sign the License.

R2. To adopt the Social Media Policy.

28.2 R2 Social Media Guidelines

R3. To approve the Guidance for the Mayor’s Role.


R4. To amend the Standing Order 3f. to reduce the period of time designated for public participation at a meeting to 20 minutes.

R5. To approve the Protocol for Public Speaking at Meetings.

28.2 R5 FTC Public speaking at meetings

R6. To approve the Ethics Code for Meetings.

28.2 R6 Ethics Code

28.3Community Committee – 16.05.17

To note the minutes of the meeting, the decisions taken and agree any recommendations.12. Community Minutes 16.05.1728.3 R2 RLBC Tenancy Agreement28.3 R2 RLBC Tenancy Agreement Map28.3 R3 Playing Fields Hire Form 201728.3 R4 Events Protocol

29Working Group Records
29.1WW1 Commemorative Working Group

To note minutes of the Working Group meetings held on 12.04.17
29. WW1 Record 17.0429. WW1 Record 17.05

29.2Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

To note minutes of the Steering Group meetings held on 20.04.17 and 4.05.17

NP Steering Group Minutes 20.04NP Steering Group Meeting 4.05

30Office Accommodation

To receive an update and agree any actions.

31Howey Lane

To discuss and agree any actions.

32Godscroft Lane

To agree to match fund the proposed speed reduction scheme @ £1500+VAT.

33CWAC Cllrs’ Report

To note.

34Chair’s Report

To note the report on the Mayor’s Fund.

35Mayor’s Report

To note.

36Clerk’s Report

To note any information items.

37Date of next meeting

Monday 24 July 2017

38Townfield Lane

If required to discuss confidential matters.

39Ship Street

If required to discuss confidential matters.

40Office Accommodation

If required to discuss confidential matters.