Recorded Meetings

For those new to webcasting, click here for further details.

Annual Meeting (1), held on Monday 18 May 2015

Meeting 2, held on Monday 8 June 2015

Please note Meeting 3 was an Extra Ordinary Meeting and we were unable to record.

Meeting 4, held on Thursday 2 July 2015



Above the video, there are some links:

  • Webcast: returns you to the main page (which you first see when you log in)
  • Map: shows on a google map where agenda points relate to if they had a specific refernence
  • Resources: any documents and links
  • Speakers: shows the picture and details of each person who spoke at the meeting and a link to a webpage
  • Feedback: allows a viewer to send in feedback – any will be forwarded to the Town Clerk

On the right is the timeline – each entry consists of:

  • Timepoint of the video
  • Event, this can be:
    • A speaker name
    • The agenda point
  • Actual real time

Clicking on the time in the meeting will advance the video automatically to that point (ie clicking on 00:18:49 will start at PCSO Neil Flanagan during the PCSO item). Clicking on a name (underlined) will bring up the speaker identification information)


When hovering over a point in the timeline a green button appears on the left. Clicking on this button will launch a share window underneath the main webcaster page – this enables you to share on social media, get embed code if you have a blog or a website or generate a link with email to that specific part of the meeting.

If you wish to share, embed or email the entire meeting, there is a separate ‘Share’ button under the timeline


The webcast software is designed to play on all modern webrowsers – you may experience loss of functionality on Internet Explorer 7.

The webcast can also be watched without any issue on iPads, iPhones, iPod Touches and Android smartphones and tablets – no app needed.


There is some slight sound issues during the public speaking portion as they did not speak to a mic. Our backup microphone picked up most but you may want to adjust the volume.