Essential Water Mains Works – Church Street

Work is due to start next week (Monday 9th November 2015) by United Utilities (UU) to replace the Water Main Piping between Eddisbury Square and Kash 22

The Work is Expected to take Two Weeks to Complete

Following concerns from resident and business owners, Frodsham Town Council asked United Utilities to attend the recent town council monthly meeting. UU were also requested to talk to those businesses and residents who will directly affected by the works.

Led by Councillor Caroline Ashton, the talks have led to an agreement by United Utilities to further minimise disruption on one of our busiest roads for business.

The main points of the agreement are:

  • Double the construction resource (one team increased to two teams)
  • Start at both ends of the scheme
  • Permanently staff the automatic traffic lights 7.00am – 7.00pm
  • Provide resource to assist with deliveries and traffic parking
  • If there is a significant incident on the M56 UU will ‘temporary reinstate’ the construction area and remove the traffic lights (this will take approximately one hour)
  • Construction teams on site 7.00am – 7.00pm to accelerate the scheme
  • Noise kept to a minimum

Councillor Ashton said: “While it would make sense to delay this scheme to avoid the run up to the busy Christmas period, we are assured the scheme is essential and needs to be done now.”

“Following various meetings with United Utilities, we’re pleased to be able to agree new aspects for the work, which are aimed at minimising disruption.”

“I’d like to thank United Utilities for acting upon feedback from residents, business owners and Frodsham Town Council.”

Scheme timetable

  • 9th November 04.00am, M56 Junc 12 re-opens
  • 9th November 9.30am, UU start construction on Church Street
  • 9th – 11th November – Cross Connection (single lane closure)
  • 11th – 20th November – Open Cut 45m of main replacement in Church Street starting at both ends and transferring existing services
  • 20th November (approx.), finish construction

You can also view a PDF version of this page here : UU Church Street work Nov 2015 v21