United Utilities Work on Church St, Frodsham

The work by United Utilities has been held up by an  emergency  electricity repair to some of the shops on Church Street next to where UU needed to work. They  were unable  to start their work yesterday until approximately 11am as they had to  wait for approval to work within the Scottish Power site and Traffic management (which was  then changed slightly to suit the UU work). This work is still not complete as the footpath needs paving by Scottish Power. United Utilities   have been informed they will be there today  to do this work. This will slow United Utilities down today as Scottish Power have a temporary footpath where UU  are planning to lay the  new main . Until Scottish Power  complete their work UU will be restricted on  room to work. This should clarify the current situation on Church Street.

While this unforeseen circumstance isn’t ideal, UU has carried out activity on other sections of the work area.

 Further updates will be made in due course.