Frodsham Town Council Suspends Councillor

Press Release 16th December 2015

During the Council’s monthly meeting on Monday 14th December the item of bullying and inappropriate behaviour was discussed, led by acting chair and current Mayor Fran Sutton.

All councillors participated in an open and frank dialogue about how councillors communicated to each other, Frodsham Town Council staff and also the public of Frodsham.

It was felt that Councillor Tom Reynolds had not abided by the Code of Conduct in his communication to fellow councillors, Frodsham Town Council staff and members of the Frodsham community.

Following the discussion councillors were asked to vote on a proposal to exclude Councillor Reynolds from participating in committees until the next full Council meeting on January 11th.

This is the only real sanction available to the Council in such circumstances.

This proposal was carried and Councillor Reynolds is now temporarily suspended from all committees.

The exclusion will be discussed at the next meeting, when it is hoped the suspension will be lifted.

There will be no further comment on this subject from Frodsham Town Council until after the meeting on January 11th 2016.