Creative Industry Conference – 1 July 2016

Targeting Creatives across Cheshire: an inspirational Creative Industry Conference.

A small but motivated team have created an event called Murmurations – The makechester talks The link is below.

It’s happening on the 1st of July and is being organised to inspire culture, creativity and business in the City. .

We’ve booked some of the most visionary speakers from across the country and we’re bringing them to the city centre of Chester for the day. They will be delivering some superb 20 minute talks and lunch/coffee is included.

This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone interested in business and creative solutions/ideas to gain a huge amount of knowledge and insight.

Speakers included are Mark Shayler: the Do Lectures, Mark Garston: The Fat Duck, Pam Warhurst CBE: Incredible Edible, plus many more, please do click here and have a look.