Proud Bees of Frodsham at Chester Pride Parade

frodsham mayor mally poulton consort-carlos chester prode parade
Mayor of Frodsham Councillor Mallie Poulton with consort Carlos at Chester Pride Parade 2016.

It was with Great Pride I attended Chester Pride Parade with my Consort Carlos, at invitation of The Organisation Proud of Chester and the blessing of the Lord Mayor of Chester.

As Mayor and Co Founder of Proud Bees of Frodsham, it was great to see a group of members of Proud Bees take part in Chester Pride Parade on Saturday.

Also with me was Cllr Judith Critchley, a supporter of the group. I met up with many other civic leaders and it was also nice to see many other Cllrs from Frodsham taking part including CWAC Cllr Lynn Riley, Cllr Donna Critchley with her Dog Martha in a pink tutu (she is Proud Bees Mascot) and Cllr Liam Jones with the Conservative group.

I will be back Chester – you did well despite the weather! Mayor Cllr Mallie Poulton.

proud bees frodsham chester pride parade

chester pride parade mally poulton frodsham mayor

councillor judith critchley chester prode parade

chester pride parade mally poulton frodsham mayor friends

chester pride parade 2016