Frodsham Commemorates the Battle of the Somme

A Frodsham Town Council project, organised by the Council’s World War 1 Commemoration Working Group in collaboration with Frodsham Medical Practice and all four local primary schools to honour the men of Frodsham who fell at the Somme, came to fruition at Frodsham Health Centre with the inauguration of the cascade of poppies.

Photo of the poppy cascade
The Poppy Cascade

The poppies, made by pupils of Manor House, Church of England, St Luke’s and Weaver Vale Primary Schools and assembled by members of the Working Group and volunteers, cascade onto hessian to represent the fallen soldiers and the mud of the battlefield. The netting suggests barbed wire and the rough twig crosses illustrate the trees destroyed by shelling.

Brenda Frodsham, niece of William Jeffs who was killed in the battle, cut the ribbon to open the cascade.

Photo with the plaque

The occasion provided a surprise element for Brenda and Jill Gleave. A WW1 plaque awarded to William Jeffs was found by Wilf Cotgreave in 1948. Percy Dunbavand, a relative of Mr Cotgreave, had approached the Working Group and, having confirmed details, presented the plaque to Brenda & Jill on behalf of the Cotgreaves at the ceremony, bringing tears to many eyes.

For information about the Working Group and its plans, please contact the Town Council on 01928 735150.

Photo of plaque
A WW1 plaque awarded to William Jeffs