Cllr Parker sent to Coventry

Waterside Councillor Michelle Parker writes:

On the 21st of September my employer Elysium Healthcare held the inaugural service user conference at University of Warwick. I am on the planning team we started the journey a year ago and because we had good civic connections, via Cllr Poulton I was in a position to invite the Lord Mayor of Coventry, Cllr Tony Skipper, who accepted my invitation. (You may be wondering why the Mayor of Coventry is at the University of Warwick however I did learn very early in the planning phase that the University is, in fact, in Coventry.)

The conference #creativeconnections was an opportunity for people who use mental health services to share how technology has helped their recovery, we had amazing examples such as social media, mental health smart phone applications, music.

The Lord Mayor said ‘it’s an inspiration to see so many people together’ he also talked about how little things can make a difference. We share this view, sometimes even a smile or a hello can change a persons day…… food for thought.

Michelle photo