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January 2022

Exciting developments

Happy New Year and welcome to our first Saltworks Farm Update.
During the summer we asked for your thoughts on how the site could be improved.
A big thank you to everyone who got involved.  We had some great suggestions that
we are working through and want to update you progress.

Community Planting Sessions
You said : We have

You told us the shrubs around the changing rooms were untidy and hid the building
and that flowering plants would look better.

We have removed these shrubs.
The plan is to arrange community planting sessions (subject to Covid-19 guidance).
We would like you to join us in planting some smaller colourful plants like heather
and lavender.
To get involved email before the end of January:

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Saltworks Farm 2

Making the site feel safer
You said : We have

Before …..

Saltworks Farm 3 Before


One idea that was suggested was to tidy the front hedge next to
the play area.

You said it looked untidy, was too high and obscured the view
in and out of the site making it feel unsafe.



So we have:

• lowered the hedge and fence
• removed the overgrown foliage on the entrances to the site

These actions have improved visibility and made the site feel safer.

After …..

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Issued by: Rural Locality Team