A56 Chester Road Cycleway Improvement Scheme Roadworks Update 4 – Wednesday, 16 February 2022

A56 Chester Road Cycleway Improvement Scheme Roadworks Update 4 – Wednesday, 16 February 2022

Work is continuing on the construction of the cycleway improvement scheme between Helsby High School and Frodsham.  We are updating you slightly earlier than usual this week, to let you know about the next phase of the scheme happening during next week’s half term school holiday.

Programme of works

We are continuing working to programme and still aiming to be completed by Easter, pending no unforeseen issues, inclement weather and/or Covid restrictions.

The scheme will continue until Easter working in a series of phases (refer to schematic phasing plan below, to be used as a guide only), working from the High School up to Howey Lane, Frodsham.  The main areas of work will continue to be carried out under two sets of temporary traffic signals, at relevant distances apart, along the proposed route.

 WORKS UPDATE: From 19 February and for the next two weeks:

Works will continue under a double phase set up until Friday 18 February on Phases 2/3 – Sections 2a/3a and 2b (refer to plan below).

As from Saturday 19 February works will move to Phase 4 (yellow on the plan below).  Note that phasing will be predominantly under one set of signals along the route during the half term week in order to press ahead with works around the school. This work will include starting on the construction of the new toucan crossing (push button crossing) just east of Godscroft Lane.  Our aim is to minimise disruption in this location before the school reopens the following week.

In order to work safely in this area we will unfortunately need to close Godscroft Lane just at the junction with the A56.  This closure will be from Saturday 19 February and for most of the half term week.  Access to businesses and residents will be via Matty’s Lane whilst the closure is in place.

From Monday 28 February works will return to Phase 3a and 3b under temporary signals.  Phase 3b will initially be from Tarvin Road up to Matty’s Lane and will require temporary three-way signals around the Tarvin Road junction.

Our future programme will be working around the Howey Lane junction and various other phases on the south side in order to aim to complete this side before switching to work on the north side of the A56.  We will update you on this after the half term.

Phasing plan below (please note that these locations are indicative and may slightly change on site when required, please just use as a guide only):

Red – Phase 1 – Section 1a (solid line) and 1b (dashed line)

Blue – Phase 2 – Section 2a and 2b

Light green – Phase 3 – Section 3a and 3b

Yellow – Phase 4

Pink – Phase 5 – Section 5a and 5b

Dark Green – Phase 6 – Section 6a and 6b

Orange – phase 7

Pic 1

Please note that the temporary enforceable reduced speed limit of 30mph is still in place from Proffits Lane (near to the school) up to Dig Lane, Frodsham and will continue to remain in place for the full duration of the works.

 The temporary traffic signals to the works areas will remain in place at all times.  However, as previously informed our roadworks do come with the contingency that all works must be able to be removed in a speedy manner if we are notified of an incident on the M56, due to this being the key emergency diversion route. 

 Unfortunately, as with all construction works some disruption is inevitable.  We will always work with local residents, businesses and schools to try to reduce any such impact wherever possible.  If you have any queries regarding the scheme please do not hesitate to contact us on 0300 123 7 036.

Lead officer:

Sian Williams – Area Engineer for Contract Delivery

Cheshire West and Chester Council