Your voice matters – help shape the Police Race Action Plan

Cheshire Constabulary fully supports the new Race Action Plan being put together by the National Police Chief’s Council (NPCC).

The draft plan outlines a series of proposals for all forces to become anti-racist organisations and better understand Black communities. It aims to give our officers and colleagues the tools they need to build trust and confidence with Black communities, so that they are better equipped to challenge racism and to identify and address any engrained cultural biases that may be fuelling racial disparities across policing.

It seeks to create an anti-racist culture, mindset, values and behaviours within policing which will inform all operational policing practice, improving the experience and outcomes for Black people. It will also enable the lived experience of Black communities, officers and staff to have a direct influence on police policies and practices going forward.

The new plan complements the work already taking place within Cheshire Constabulary to address race disparities in policing.

Work currently underway includes;

  • A Positive Action campaign aimed at encouraging a more diverse workforce
  • Supporting and working with our staff networks including the Cheshire Constabulary Multicultural Network (CCMN)
  • The formation of a new Wellbeing, Engagement and Inclusion Unit within the force who will oversee the Race Action plan for Cheshire
  • The Constabulary is working towards incorporating and promoting local and national Black history into the learning and development of staff and officers

So far this year we have also set up an External DEI Board which is independently chaired to offer input as a critical friend on Diversity, Equality and inclusion within the organisation – this includes the inclusion  work stream of the Race Inclusion Board.

We continue to work with the Independent Advisory Group (IAG) who give a wealth of local guidance and will be influential with work around communities being involved in policing.

The Police Accountability Meeting (PAM) will provide scrutiny and guidance on the remaining workstreams regarding Black communities being protected and not over-policed. Each group is exclusively made up of volunteers from across the county and include members of Black communities in Cheshire with a direct access to senior police colleagues and are able to influence polices and procedure.

Each board will be updated on how the Constabulary is progressing against the action plan and there will be opportunities to attend and observe police operations and operational, tactical and strategic meetings and training exercises.

Further to this, our Community Cohesion Groups (CCGs) which meet in each of our local policing units (LPU) review randomly selected body worn video footage of stop and searches and use of force. These groups are available for members of the local community to attend with no preparation required – simply contact your LPU and tell them you are attending.

Our Respect and Dignity policy has been revised and published across the Constabulary, embedding a zero-tolerance approach to discrimination in the workplace and to educate, empower and motivate colleagues to become advocates for change in the drive to tackle racism in all its forms, wherever it may appear.

All black officers and members of staff in police forces across England and Wales were invited to complete the national Black Workforce Survey on their experiences in policing – we now await the findings of the survey from the National team.

The draft national plan has been launched alongside a survey to get the public’s view and help shape the final version of the plan, which is due for publication later this year.

We want your feedback – your voice matters. You can read the plan in full on the College of Policing’s website with some additional context from before taking the survey, which closes on 28 August.

Click Here to Take the survey