Going on holiday this summer….

If you are going on holiday then ensure you keep your home safe and protect yourself from becoming a victim of burglary whilst you are away by following the guidance below:

·         Cancel regular deliveries – Milk on the doorstep or a newspaper building up can be an indicator for burglars that there is no one home.

·         Post – Again, a build-up of post through the letterbox is something a burglar may look for. Consider using Royal Mail ‘Keep safe’ service or ask a trusted neighbour, friend, or family member to remove post daily.

·         Friends and family – Ask trusted neighbours, friends, or family to keep the property looking lived in. Opening and closing curtains, switching lights on and off in different rooms and maybe moving cars on and off a driveway are all ways to make a property look lived in.

·         Maintain gardens – Cutting the grass the day before you go on holiday can give the impression that somebody is home. Un-maintained gardens can be a sign that the property is empty.

·         Secure garden tools – Garden tools and ladders can be used by burglars to gain access to your property. Make sure they are secured in a shed or garage.

·         Secure garages, sheds, and outbuildings – Aswell as the valuables you may have in there that can be stolen, as above, tools from sheds, garages or outbuildings can be used by burglars to gain access to your home.

·         Access points secured – Locking access points such as gates will make it more difficult for burglars to enter and leave your property. Also ensure that any security lighting is activated, this can act as a deterrent for burglars.

·         Neighbourhood watch – Consider joining your local Neighbourhood watch scheme.

·         CCTV – If you have CCTV, make sure it is recording and there are appropriate signs on display to deter burglars.

·         Timer switches – Use timer switches for lights, TVs, or radios in different rooms at different times, this will give the impression someone is home.

·         Keep valuables out of sight – This includes not only the valuables, but indicators such as chargers, car keys and packaging. If you have a safe to keep valuables in, ensure it is anchored to the ground so it cannot be removed.

·         Alarm – Activate any alarms prior to leaving.

·         Doors and windows – Double check all doors and windows are locked.

·         No home address on luggage – Instead use an e-mail address or telephone number.

·         Social media – Burglars will often use social media to select a victim, posting holiday pictures whilst you are away letting them know that your home is empty! Save the snaps for when you return.

Happy holidays!