Renovating Hob Hey Wood Pathways

Hob Hey Wood Friends Group need your help!

Hob Hey Wood pathways are in need of renovation over the next year to keep this ancient woodland accessible for safe walks and access to wildlife and plants.

Hob Hey Wood provides a valuable amenity, offering open space, woodlands walks and access to wildlife. As an ancient woodland, it provides a diverse and increasingly rare environment for wildlife and plants; over 500 species have been recorded.

Hob Hey Wood Friends Group is an active volunteer group, committing over 200 person hours in 2023 to date with a following of 1000+ individuals on Facebook.  We now need your help to renovate the various pathways (10+ years old) which are a mix of boardwalk, gravel and bare earth and provide a guide for visitors to the wood.

Upgrading these pathways will improve accessibility and safety so everybody can enjoy the positive benefits of having a thriving ancient woodland full of flora and fauna on their doorstep.  Not only can we achieve an accessible, natural and tranquil setting for visitors and the local community to explore at their leisure, we can also engage the community through volunteering and provide a resource for educational activities.


What we’ll deliver:

  • Replacement of 72m existing aging raised timber boardwalk with sustainable, recycled composite materials
  • Replacement of 3 x 4m existing aging timber bridges with sustainable, recycled composite materials, including hand rails
  • Replacement of 50 aging timber risers for steps approaching and between bridges with composite board risers
  • Upgrade of 100m existing unsurfaced path with boarded gravel surface
  • Repair and improved drainage of 100m existing boarded gravel access pathway

For more information or to make a donation and back our project click the link below which will take you to our crowdfunding page: