Climate Action Frodsham – Warmer Homes and Thermal Cameras – Free Training!

Thermal Cameras


“Warmer Homes and Thermal Cameras

Most British Homes have poor insulation and use more energy to heat than they should, this affects both the Climate Emergency and our pockets.

Winter is coming and it is going to get cold so we should all do something about it.

Climate Action Frodsham wanted to do something so in 2022 we put together a scheme to give homeowners more information on how they could reduce their home energy losses. CAF applied to Frodsham Town Council and received a £732 grant to buy a thermal imaging camera and hire meeting rooms.

Information meetings were held in Frodsham Community Centre in the winter of 2022/2023 and Chris Cleaver has now taken over and is holding more meetings this winter.

The meetings give information on a spectrum of ways to save energy and keep warm varying from tips that cost nothing through changes that cost a few pounds to schemes that cost hundreds.

The use of the thermal camera to find cold spots and heat leakage is explained and demonstrated and the camera is available for loan.

There are two more dates for this year and we plan to do more next year.

Tuesday 14 November                                          Tuesday 12 December

At Frodsham Community Centre from 7 to 9.15 pm.

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