Frodsham Household Waste Recycling Centre Changes from 15th December 2023




Following a visit by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to two HWRCs in July, the operational plans across all sites have been reviewed. Some changes need to be made to Frodsham Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) to improve safety for the public and staff.

Changes will be made to the vehicle/pedestrian segregation where customer reversing will not be allowed due to the space on the site. Cheshire West and Chester and H W Martin (as the site contractors) have a duty under the Health and Safety at Work act to reduce the potential of any incidents.

What is happening

The following changes will be made:

  • A new one way-system which will not allow vehicles to reverse.
  • A new lane and parking bays with line markings and supporting signage to make site users aware of the new traffic management system – this will have the ability for four cars to queue safely within the site boundary rather than waiting to enter the site on Station Road.
  • Clearly marked pedestrian routes and safe crossing point for staff and site users.
  • Three cars will be able to unload at the same time, which is the permitted number currently allowed on site at once.
  • Due to the turning circles on the one-way system, impeded due to the narrow site, we will no longer be able to accept any vehicle over 5m in length or any vehicles with trailers.
  • Due to the need to restrict unloading times and prevent congestion, it is important to restrict large loads. Therefore, car-derived vans and all commercial vehicles (including pick-up trucks) will no longer be able to use this site and will instead be directed to sites at Ellesmere Port, Winsford, and Chester.
  • Frodsham HWRC can still accept converted camper van or converted mobility vehicles under 5m in length.
  • To make room for the one-way system, and reduce the risk of congestion, the rubble skip, currently located near the exit mist be removed.  The site will no longer accept this waste stream and customers will be directed to Primary sites.

When is this Happening?

The changes will be made while the site is closed as usual on 13 and 14 December and will be in place for when the site opens on 15 December 2023.

How is this being communicated

  • Email to Parish/Town Councillors
  • Member briefing
  • Social media messages
  • Press release
  • E-newsletter
  • Contact Centre and staff briefing
  • Website
  • Leaflet which will be handed to residents attending site before and after site changes take place.

A copy of plan of the new site is attached for information. A link to the Frodsham HWRC web page can be found below:

A statement has been placed on the website to advise of forthcoming changes: Frodsham recycling centre | Cheshire West and Chester Council

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