What is happening at Castle Park Arts Centre? Upcoming exhibitions opening 20th February – 30th March 2024

Whats On at Castle Park Arts Centre

What is happening at Castle Park Arts Centre?

Upcoming exhibitions opening 20th February – 30th March 2024

Meet all of our exhibiting artists on Friday 23rd February, 7-9 pm. Everyone is welcome!

Gallery 1: Grosvenor Art Society of Chester

Gallery 2: Peter Appleton – Arran Rocks CPAC3

‘Scotland in Miniature’ is how people describe Arran. A small Island in the Firth Of Clyde rich in wildlife and geology. The Island is split across the middle by the Highland Boundary Fault with the north end covered with high mountains like the Western Highlands, and the southern end covered in rolling hills like Southern Scotland. Having recently spent time on the island I was drawn to the wildness of the place but more specifically to the geometry and geology of the rock formations.

Gallery 3: Gillian Robertson – Looking to the Light


Paintings exploring light form a frieze of near and distant landscapes, with smaller pieces also inspired by sunshine and storms, the shadows of dawn and dusk and the illuminatory properties of light.

Link Gallery: Robert Alexander – Street Observations


My exhibition is a collection of scenes that caught my eye on various walks around the streets. People doing ordinary things and going about their lives. It contains groups of people, individual people and objects that interested me.

Foyer: Jo Moss’s Art Group


The original group started in 2016 At Mid Cheshire College, Hartford. We find inspiration from both contemporary and historic artists, studying techniques and styles that inspire new approaches to our art. Jo designs and runs the sessions encouraging us to develop our own individual styles hence the variety of approaches and subject we have included in the exhibition.

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