Amenities Committee

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Agenda – Meeting 1 (2021/22)

Amenities Committee Agenda 13-07-21

Amenities Committee Minutes 13-07-21

1.    To appoint a Chair of Committee

2.    To appoint a Vice Chair of Committee

3.    Apologies for absence

To receive apologies.

4.    Declarations of interest

To note any declarations of interest on items which are on the agenda.

5.    Requests from the public to speak

Members of the public are invited to speak on items which are on the agenda in accordance with FTC policy on public speaking at meetings:

6.    Approval of minutes

  1. To approve the minutes of meeting 9 held 19th April 2021
    6a. Amenities Minutes April-19-2021 (1)
  2. To approve the minutes of the extraordinary meeting held 26th April 2021
    6b. Amenities Extraordinary Minutes April-26 (1)

7.    Amenities working group

To note the report from the meeting held on 8th June 2021.

7. Amenities WG 8-06-2021

8.    Amenities Committee Terms of Reference

To approve the Terms of Reference.

8. ToR 2021-2022

9.    Planning and Amenities Committee

To consider a proposal to recommend to full Council that the Planning and Amenities Committee be merged and meet monthly on a Tuesday at 6.30pm.

10.Quotation for repair/replacement of hanging basket brackets

To note the quotation received and agree action to be taken.

10. Hanging basket bracket repair

11.Crowmere Lake

  1. To note that a resident has requested permission to introduce carp to the lake and the unsuitability due to the size and topography of the habitat
  2. To agree action to be taken

12.War memorial car park

  1. To note the anti social behaviour reported to Frodsham Town Council and action taken to date
  2. To agree any action to be taken

13.War memorial path

  1. To consider appointing a Project Manager for the works (to produce the specification, support tender process, appointment of contractor and overseeing the project from conception to completion)
  2. To consider a proposal to request formal quotations for memorial path

14.Green Gates Community Group

  1. To receive a report
  2. To agree actions to be taken

15.Grounds maintenance

  1. To note that a costs benefit analysis has been carried out to determine whether to consider employing a groundsman
  2. To consider the reviewed SLA and decide whether to go out to tender with the document (tender documents previously approved) using Contract Finder as (previously agreed)

15. SLA V1


  1. To receive an update from Cllr Griffiths
  2. To agree action to be taken

17.Play area maintenance

  1. To note the inspection reports carried out 6/07/2021 and works required
  2. To note the quotations received for play area repairs
    17b. FTC play area repairs
  3. To note the quotations received for play area grounds maintenance

18.Replacement trees

  1. To note that the Welcome Back fund is designed to encourage people to visit their local shops post COVID-19
  2. To note that the Committee agreed on 19th April 2021 to use funds from the Community Infrastructure Levy to purchase 21 trees at £15/tree including stake

19.Hob Hey Wood

To receive an update from Hob Hey Wood Friends.

20.Manley Road Copse

To accept the WI/Manley Road Copse Constitution

20. WI-Manley Road Copse Constitution

21.Frodsham and Helsby Future Offer (Cheshire West and Chester Consultation)

To receive an update from Cllr Stockton

22.The Queen’s Green Canopy (QGC)

To consider taking part in a tree planting initiative created to mark Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022:

23.Clerk’s report

To receive a report from the Clerk

24.Close of meeting