Cemetery Committee

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Agenda – Meeting 2 (2016/17)

Cemetery Committee Agenda 19.05.17

Cemetery Committee Minutes 19.05.17No audio recording available for this meeting.

No Item
19 Apologies
20 Minutes of the meeting 1 of Cemetery Committee held 20 January
  To agree and sign as a true record.

Cemetery Committee Minutes 20.01.17

21 Statistics
  To receive a report.

Cemetery Report May 17

22 Reserve
  To discuss and agree additional funding to include in the reserve.
23 Cemetery Design Support
  To discuss the proposal for the development of the cemetery and agree actions.
24 Budget 2017-18
  To review the budget and agree amendments.

Income Expenditure 1994 2017

8-3 Cemetery Committee ToR 17-18

Cemetery Committee Terms of Reference

25 Cemetery Regulations
  To discuss the opportunity to pre-purchase plots and agree actions.
26 Design
  To discuss the quotation for the design work for the expansion of the cemetery and agree actions.

P168 02 2017.04.19 Extension LayoutP168 02 2017 04 19 Frodsham Cemetery AJDP covering letter

27 Agenda items for the next meeting
  To agree any additional agenda items for the next meeting.
28 Date of next meeting(s)
  Thursday 20 July 7pm.

Members of Committee:

Cllrs C Ashton, L Brown, J Critchley, F Pennington, M Poulton and P Williamson.