Cemetery Committee

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Agenda – Meeting 4 (2018/19)

Cemetery Committee Agenda 7.12.18 (4)

Cemetery Committee Minutes 7.12.18 (4)

No Item
34 Apologies
35 Declarations of Interest
36 Minutes of the meeting 2 of Cemetery Committee held on 27 September 2018

To agree and sign as a true record.

Cemetery Committee Minutes 27.09.18

37 Minutes of the meeting 3 of Cemetery Committee held on 26 October 2018

To agree and sign as a true record

Cemetery Committee Extraordinary Meeting Minutes 26.10.18

38 Opportunity for Public to Speak
39 Cemetery Design Support

To discuss and agree to commission the Designer to provide professional oversight of the installation of the new road layout @ £12,269+VAT.

38. Frodsham Cem Implementation

38. LandscapeDesignand AdministrationServices

40 Cemetery Regulations
40.1 To review and agree the amended regulations.

39.1 Cemetery Regulations 2019

40.2 To agree to get a quotation to have the regulation booklets professional printed.
41 Cemetery Paperwork
41.1 To discuss and agree revised paperwork:

  • Notice of Interment
  • Right of Ownership and Acceptance of Regulations letter
  • Acceptance of Regulations form
  • Memorial Permit Application
  • Memorial Plaque application

40.1 Notice of Interment Form40.1 Right of Ownership and Acceptance of Regulations Letter40.1 Acceptance of Regulations Form40.1 Memorial Permit App40.1 Memorial Plaque Application Form

40.2 To note the paperwork to transfer ownership or assign ownership needs reviewing and agree actions.
41 Fees structure

To review the fees structure and agree actions.

41. Burial Fees List 2018

43 Cemetery Office to discuss the potential to extend to provide an office base for FTC.
44 Agenda items for the next meeting

To agree any additional agenda items for the next meeting.

45 Date of next meeting(s)

Friday 29 March 2019 (3pm).