Community Committee

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Agenda – Meeting 9 (2018/19)

Community Committee Agenda 17.04.18

Community Committee Minutes 17.04.18

No Item
136 Apologies for Absence
137 Declaration of Interest
138 Minutes of Meeting 8 – 20.02.18

To approve and sign as a true record.

Community Committee Minutes 20.02.18

139 Green Spaces for Good

A presentation by Mr J Leeson, Development Manager – North, Fields in Trust.

139. FIT presentation

139. FIT Protection Summary 2018

140 Opportunity for the Public to Speak
141 Actual spend against budget 2017/18

To note the final outturn figures.

141. 2017-18 Actual Spend

142 Play Areas
142.1 Green Spaces for Good

To discuss the presentation and agree any actions.

142.2 Park Lane
142.2a To discuss the quotes for the repairs to the wall and agree which contractor to use.
142.2b To discuss and agree placing commemorative planters on the park.
142.3 Churchfields

To receive an update report on the repair work – play surface and removal of the tunnel.

142.4 Townfield Lane

To receive an update and agree any actions.

143 War Memorial
143.1 To note a conservation-accredited professional advisor (WMT grant requirement) has now been appoint and has begun the application process for the WMT grant and listed building consent.
143.2 To discuss a request from WW1 Commemoration Working Group to install an information board about war dead not included on the Memorials and agree actions.
143.3 To note feedback from lighting company about illumination of the Memorial and agree any actions.
145 Bench Plaques

To note that plaques are now ready to be attached to benches and agree actions.

146 Impact Day on Saltworks

To discuss the Impact Day, which is being organised in the Spring and agree any actions.

147 Over 70s Vouchers

To receive the report for 2017/18 and agree actions.

147. Over 70s Voucher Scheme 2017 Final Report

148 Defibrillators
148.1 To discuss options for the new site of the defibrillator currently at the Police Station.
148.2 To discuss a proposal from Love Frodsham and District Taxis for a defibrillator service for rural areas and agree actions.
149 Bus Shelters

To receive an update on the asset transfer.

150 Planters & Watering
150.1 To receive an update on the latest negotiations with CWAC.
150.2 To discuss the costs of additional plants and watering of the hanging baskets and any additional planters and agree actions.

150. Hanging Baskets etc

151 Christmas Tree Fence Storage & Maintenance

To note that the fencing is now stored at the cemetery.

152 Clerk’s Items

Any information items since the agenda was circulated, or items for the next agenda.

153 Date of the next meeting:  19 June 2018 (tbc)