Community Committee

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Agenda – Meeting 3 (2018/19)

Community Committee Agenda 9.10.18

Community Committee Minutes 9.10.18

No Item
42 Apologies for absence
43 Declarations of Interest
44 Minutes of Meeting 2 – 14.08.18

To approve and sign as a true record.

44. Community Minutes 14.08.18

45 Opportunity for Public to Speak

Gill Baxter, Frodsham History Society – item 47.

Mrs M Halsall, Green Gates Community Project – Item 48.

Mr P Dean, London Road Allotments – item 49.1b.

Mr P Vickery, Kingsway Allotments – Item 49.2

46 Mersey Weaver Scouts
46.1 To receive a presentation from District Commissioner and Chair of Mersey Weaver Scouts about their impact and investment in Frodsham including their plans for developing the District Scouts Centre.
46.2 To discuss the presentation and agree any actions.
47 Frodsham History Society

To discuss the support needs of the History Society and agree any actions.

48 Ship Street

To discuss a request from the Green Gates Community Project for FTC to allow gardeners providing their services to the Project access to the park to cut the grass and agree actions.

49 Allotments

To receive feedback from the Annual Inspection visits which took take place on Sunday 19 August and agree any actions.

49.1 London Road Allotments
49.1a To discuss a request from a neighbour of London Road Allotments for assistance with hedge maintenance and agree actions.
49.1b To discuss the suggested improvements to the water storage system and agree actions.

49.1b Cost Estimate – Water Storage

49.2 Kingsway Allotments
49.2a To discuss the uneven footpath problems and agree actions.
49.2b To discuss cutting back the hedge separating the site from Churchfields and agree actions.
50 Community Speedwatch

To discuss a proposal from PCSO N Flanagan and the Community Speedwatch Co-ordinator to replace the existing speedgun @ £1,770+VAT and agree actions.

51 Drive Safely for Longer Seminar

To discuss and agree to underwrite the costs of a Drive Safely for Longer Seminar @ approximately £400+VAT.

52 Grounds Maintenance in Frodsham
52.1 To discuss and agree any changes to the Service Level Agreement schedule.
52.2 To delegate responsibility for negotiating the agreed changes with the contractor to the Town Clerk.
53 Daffodil Planting

To agree a request 4th Frodsham Scouts for 2 bags of Daffodils at £60+delivery+VAT to fill gaps in sections towards Helsby.

54 Action Plan 2018-19

To review progress against the agreed action plan and agree any actions.

54. Community Action Plan for 2018-19

55 Budget 2018-19

To discuss the actual and planned expenditure against the agreed budget and agree any actions.

56 Action Plan and Budget Planning 2019-20

To agree to hold an Extraordinary meeting to discuss Action Plans and budget requirements for 2019-20.

55. Community Budget – Actual & Projections 2018-19

57 Play Areas
57.1 Park Lane Play Area

To note that the Adult Gym equipment has been installed.

57.2 Top Road Play Area
57.2a To discuss the need for a new bin and agree actions.
57.2b To discuss repainting the equipment and agree actions.
58 Remembrance Day Wreaths

To agree to purchase wreaths to be laid by the Mayor and Junior Mayors at the Remembrance Services on 11 November @ £84 (+donation to be agreed).

58. wreath types and suggested prices 2018

59 WW1 Noticeboard

To discuss the WW1 Commemoration Working Group request for FTC to apply for Listed Building consent from CWaC for the installation of the noticeboard before March 2019 and agree any actions.

60 Memorial Plaques

To note that two ex-Councillors have recently died and to agree to purchase memorial plaques @ £75+VAT and which benches to add them to.

61 Winter Gritting Scheme

To discuss the future of the scheme and agree actions.

61. Winter gritting scheme

62 Hanging Basket Removal & winter planter of planters

To note the costs for the removal and storage of the baskets and winter planting of the planters at St Hilda’s Drive, Ship Street and Ashton Drive are £474+VAT.

63 Clerk’s updates

To note information items.

64 Next meeting – 11 December 2018