Community Committee

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Agenda – Meeting 5 (2018/19)

Community Committee Agenda 11.12.18 (5)

Community Committee Minutes 11.12.18 (5)

No Item
79 Apologies for absence
80 Declarations of Interest
81 Minutes of Meeting 3 – 9.10.18

To approve and sign as a true record.

81. Community Committee Minutes 9.10.18

82 Minutes of Extraordinary Meeting 4 – 19.11.18

To approve and sign as a true record.

82. Community Committee Extraordinary Meeting Minutes 19.11.18

83 Opportunity for Public to Speak
83.1 Mr P Dean – Item 84.1
83.2 Other
84 Allotments
84.1 London Road Allotments

To note that the application to Awards for All for the water system has been unsuccessful and agree to fund the equipment @ £768+delivery+VAT.

84.1 Cost Estimate – Water Storage

84.2 Kingsway Allotments

To receive an update on the grant application for the pathways and agree actions.

84.3 Hedge Work

To agree the quotation for the hedge work at Churchfields and London Road.

85 Play Areas
85.1 Churchfields Play Area
85.1a To note that the seats on the springies have been replaced @ £60.

85.1 Churchfield Springies

85.1b To note that the timbers on the fort have been replaced by the contractor under warranty.

85.2 Repaired Fort Timbers

85.1c To discuss and agree a quotation for the installation of new safety flooring in the old play area.
85.2 Top Road Play Area

To discuss the quotation for painting the swings @ £120+VAT and agree actions.

85.3 Park Lane Play Area

To note that the “End of Grant Report” to Awards for All has been submitted and accepted, that all paperwork relating to the project must be kept for 7 years and that Awards for All would welcome additional photos, videos or good news stories about the project.

86 Community Speedwatch

To note that the Speedgun and other equipment has been ordered.

87 Drive Safely for Longer Seminar

To receive an update on the funding application and agree actions.

88 Winter Gritting Scheme
88.1 To discuss and agree the revised guidelines for the scheme.


88.2 To agree the recruitment process and timetable.
88.3 To discuss and agree the advert to go in January Frodsham Life.
89 War Memorial
89.1 To approve the sign to be attached to the railing commemorating those who died in the bombing.

89.1 GA Plaque

89.2 To note the requires of the WMT Grant included in the ‘Managing your Grant document and agree any actions.

89.2 WMT Managing your Grant Offer

89.3 To note the WMT Guidance for Publicity and agree any actions.

89.3 WMT Guidenace for Publicity

90 Public Spaces Protection Orders
90.1 To note this Order will Commence on 20th October 2018 for a Period of 3 years, discuss the implications for Frodsham and agree any actions.

90. PSPO Notice – dogs

90.2 To review the play area signage and agree any actions.
91 Fields in Trust
91.1 To note that Cllr M Nield has agreed to take the lead on getting the applications submitted.
91.2 To receive an update on the applications to date.
92 Bench Painting
92.1 To note that 18 benches have been completed but there are still 11 to do when the weather improves.
92.2 To agree the quotation for the additional 2 benches on the memorial field @£90+VAT, which were missed off the original list.
93 Over 70s Vouchers

To receive an update on the scheme.

94 Clerk’s updates

To note information items.

95 Next meeting – 12 February 2019