Environment Committee

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Agenda – Meeting 8 (2017/18)

Environment Committee Agenda 06.03.18

Environment Committee Minutes 06.03.18

No Item
110 Apologies for Absence
111 Declarations of Interest
112 Minutes of Meeting 6 held on 2 January 2018: Acceptance and signing.

Environment Committee Minutes 02.01.18

113 Minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting 7 held on 6 February 2018: Acceptance and signing.

Environment Committee Minutes 06.02.18

114 Opportunity for the Public to Speak
115 Mersey Forest Environmental Strategy

To receive an update from Clare Olver and agree any actions.

116 Hob Hey Wood
116.1 To note the meeting of potential volunteers will be held on Saturday 10 March at Frodsham Community Centre at 10am.
116.2 To agree to get 3 quotes for the work required on the boardwalks.
117 Friends of Hob Hey Wood (Registered Charity 1099786)

To note the current Trust Deed and the bank balance of £1,385.22.

117. FoHHW Trust Deed

117. FoHHW Charity Commission Overview

118 Tree Matters
118.1 To receive an update on Howey Lane and agree any actions.
118.2 To discuss any other issues and agree actions.
119 Community Orchards
119.1 To receive an update on the Ship Street Community Garden and agree any action.
120 Rights of Way

To discuss any issues and agree actions.

121 Manley Copse

To note the community planting event is planned for Saturday 17 March and agree any actions.

122 Cheshire’s Sandstone Ridge
122.1 To receive an update following a meeting with the Sandstone Ridge Trust and agree any actions.
122.2 To decide whether to add a strapline to the town boundary signs saying “Gateway to the Sandstone Ridge” at a cost of £1,067.54+£35 delivery + VAT – a decision deferred from the previous meeting.
123 Website Information

To agree the list, review the existing information and agree any actions.

123. FTC land list

123. Hob Hey Wood


123. Pond trail Final Version

124 Great British Spring Clean

To receive an update and agree actions.

125 River Weaver Navigation Society

To receive an update and agree actions.

126 Clerk’s Items

Any other matters considered to be urgent for discussion, or item for next agenda.

127 Date of the next meeting: Tuesday 1 May at 7pm at Castle Park House.