Events Committee

Event Details

Agenda – Meeting 4 (2017/18)

Events Committee Agenda 9.01.18 (4)

Events Committee Minutes 9.01.18 (4)

No Item
49 Apologies for absence
50 Declarations of Interest
51 Opportunity for Public to Speak

No requests have been received by the Clerk.

52 Minutes of Meeting 3 – 12.12.17

To approve and sign as a true record.

Events Committee Minutes 12.12.17 (3)

53 New Year’s Eve Fireworks

To receive a verbal report on the event.

54 Christmas Festival Working Group

To note the next meeting of the Working Group will be held on Tuesday 16 January at 2pm.

55 Bus Shelter Challenge

To receive an update and agree any actions.

56 Events Advertising

To agree establishing regular advertising of up and coming events.

57 Annual Town Meeting

To receive feedback on possible venues for the ATM and agree any actions.

58 Request from Community Groups

To discuss the process for responding to requests for support and agree actions.

59 Events Programme

To review the programme and agree any actions.

60 Playing Field Rentals

To discuss and agree to recommend to council that playing field rental requests should be approved at Events committee.

61 Clerk’s updates

To note information items.

62 Next meeting

Tuesday 13 February 2018