Events Committee

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Agenda – Meeting 6 (2023/24)

6. Events Agenda 02-04-2024

6. Events Minutes 02-04-2024

  1. Apologies for absence

To receive apologies and reasons for absence from members.

  1. Declarations of interest

To receive declarations of interest from members of the committee on items on the agenda.

  1. Public participation

Members of the public are invited to address the meeting on agenda items in accordance with FTC policy on public speaking at meetings:

  1. Minutes of meeting held 6th February 2024

To agree and sign the minutes as a true and accurate record.

  1. Tree Dedication Event

To finalise arrangements for the Tree Dedication Event on Wednesday 1st May 2024.

  1. D-Day 80th Anniversary Commemorations

  1. To agree the cost of materials for poppy making.
  2. To agree further actions to be taken.
  1. Halloween Event

  1. To note that the Halloween event will take place on Saturday 26th October 2024.
  2. To agree actions to be taken.
  1. Committee Clerk’s Report

To receive a report from the Committee Clerk.

  1. Date of next meeting

4th June 2024

  1. Close of meeting