Finance & General Purposes Committee

Event Details

Agenda – Meeting 2 (2023/24)

Meeting pack 21-08-2023

2. F&GP Minutes 21-08-23

1.    Apologies for absence

To receive apologies and reasons for absence.

2.    Declarations of interest

To note any declarations of interest

3.    Requests from the public to speak

Members of the public are invited to speak on items which are on the agenda.

4.    Minutes of the meeting held on 26th June 2023

To accept and sign the minutes as a true and accurate record of the meeting.

5.    Frodsham Town Council accounts

  1. To note that the income in July 2023 was £59,722.11 and this included a payment of £5,000 from the Green Gates Community Project and £50,000 transfer from the CCLA account.
  2. To note that the expenditure in July 2023 was £36,682.66.
  3. To note that the sum of all accounts as at July 31st 2023 was £444,659.
  4. To approve the monthly income and expenditure report.
  5. To note the bank reconciliation checks as at 31st July 2023 have been checked to bank statements by Cllr Lowrie (min ref: FTC/24/07/2023/9g) and that there are no concerns or issues.
  6. To approve a councillor to carry out the bank reconciliation checks as at 31st August 2023.

6.    Budget changes

  1. To approve increase to budget code 4212 (office equipment) by £500 to enable purchase of an additional office desk and chair to enable all office staff to work in Office 1 at the same time.
  2. To correspondingly reduce budget code 4810 (elections) from £7,246 to £6,746.

7.    Prism quotation for relocation of IT equipment

  1. To note that: the IT equipment (server) is currently located in a locked basement room of Castle Park House, which is controlled by Trading Standards and linked to Cheshire Police; Frodsham Town Council does not have access to the server room; a quotation has been received in the sum of £995.79 to relocate the equipment to Office 1 in Castle Park House.
  2. To approve the quotation under Finance Regulations 4.5 (risk to delivery of council services) and 11.1iv (extension of existing contract) which enable Frodsham Town Council to accept the quotations without inviting further quotes.

8.    Summer Reading Challenge

To note that Cllr Eakin approved expenditure of £250 to Cheshire Libraries (to enable the event to go ahead) under Finance Regulation 4.1 (control and authority to spend) and budget code 4220, cost code 170 Discretionary Expenditure.

9.    Local Council Award Scheme

  1. To note that the Clerk has done a considerable amount of work towards Frodsham Town Council having the necessary documentation in place to receive the award of Foundation Status.
  2. To note that Frodsham Town Council will be awarded Foundation Status on the proviso that: the Registers of Interest are published (unless a dispensation has been granted by CWAC Monitoring Officer to an individual councillor); several policies are updated with the dates approved and dates to be revised; the policies listed below (10a & 10b) are approved.

10.Policies & Procedures

  1. To consider and approve the updated Complaints Procedure following the NALC guidelines and with reference to Local Councils Awards Scheme.
  2. To consider and approve the updated Publications Scheme following the NALC/SLCC guidelines.
  3. To consider and approve the Vexatious Complaints Policy following the NALC/SLCC guidelines.

11.Over 70s Christmas Voucher Scheme

  1. To approve the timetable for the voucher scheme.
  2. To approve method of delivery.

12.Grants Scheme 2023

  1. To approve the scheme and deadline for submission of 3rd November 2023.
  2. To approve the launch date of 4th September 2023.

13.Clerk’s report

To receive any further report.

14.Date of next meeting – 23rd October 2023

15. Close of meeting