Frodsham Town Council

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Agenda – Meeting 10 (2019/20)

Frodsham Town Council Agenda 27-01-2020 (10)

Frodsham Town Council Minutes 27-01-2020 (10)

No Item
144 Apologies
145 Declarations of interest
146 Right for the public to speak

To receive a presentation from Cycle North Cheshire in relation to agenda item 161

147 Leader of Cheshire West and Chester Council, Cllr L Gittins

Question and answer session

148 Cheshire West and Chester Councillors

To receive a report from Cllr L Riley & Cllr A Dawson

149 Co-option

To note applications and expressions of interest

150 Ship Street Play Area
150.1 To note the report from the informal meeting held on 18th December 2019
150.2 To approve actions to be taken
150.3 To agree date of first meeting
150.4 To note Freedom of Information request for details of all expenditure on new play equipment since 2012 from a member of the Green Gates Group
151 To approve and sign minutes
151.1  To approve minutes of meeting number 8 held on 25th November 2019

FTC Minutes 25-11-2019 (8)

151.2 To approve minutes of meeting number 9 held on 13th January 2020

FTC Minutes Budget Meeting 13-01-2020 (9)

152 Finance

152. December 2019 accounts pack

152.1 To note the expenditure during October was £39.404.31, income was £21,410.39 which includes a VAT refund for the period 1st August 2019 to 31st November 2019 of £12,305.35.
152.2 To approve and sign the accounts to include bank reconciliations and income and expenditure
153  Frodsham Youth Association

 To approve release of agreed donation (budget figure of £10,000) to FYA on 1st April 2020

153.1 To approve annual donation of £10,000 on 1st April 2021 and 1st April 2022
154 CCTV

To receive an update from the Clerk

155 Staff Training

To note that the Clerk and Admin Officer will be attending a training day on the new regulations for accessibility websites on Tuesday 28th January

156 Planning Committee

To note the minutes of the Planning Committee held 18th November 2019, 17th December 2019, 20th January 2020 and the decisions taken

156. Planning Minutes 18.11.19 (7)

156. Planning Minutes 17.12.19 (8)

156. Planning Minutes 20.01.20 (9)

157 Policy Process & Revenue Committee

To note the minutes of the PPR Committee held 16th December 2019 and the decisions taken

157. PPR Minutes 16-12-19 (1)

157.1 To consider the recommendation that the current bank account be moved to Unity Trust Bank
158 Amenities Committee

To note the minutes of the Amenities Committee held 10th December 2019 and the decisions taken

158. Amenities Minutes 10-12-19

159 Events Committee

To note the minutes of the Events Committee held 14th January 2020 and the decisions taken

159. Events Minutes 14-01-2020

159.1 To receive a report from Cllr Poulton regarding VE DAT 2020 celebrations
160  Fly Tipping

To receive a report from Cllr Mostyn-Jones

161 CWAC Consultation   

Link to CWAC consultation

 To agree response to the local cycling and walking infrastructure plan consultation

162  Market Towns

 To note correspondence received from Rural Services Network and agree action to be taken

163  Clerk’s report

To receive any information items and agree any action to be taken

164 Date of next meeting – 23rd March 2020
165 Close of meeting