Frodsham Town Council – Budget Setting

Event Details

Agenda – Meeting 5  (2023/24)

Meeting Pack 8-01-2024

5. FTC Minutes 8-01-2024

1.   Apologies for absence

To receive apologies

2.   Declarations of interest

To note any declarations of interest on items which are on the agenda.

3.   Requests from the public to speak

Members of the public are invited to speak on items which are on the agenda in accordance with FTC policy on public speaking at meetings:

4.   Local government finance settlement 2024-2025

To note that council tax referendum principles will not be set for local (parish and town) councils in 2024/25.

5.   Budget/Precept report

To note report provided by the Town Clerk/Responsible Finance Officer.

6.   Budget 2024-2025

To consider approval of the budget recommendations for 2023-2024 as detailed in the Budget/Precept report (item 5).

7.   Precept 2024-2025

To consider approval of the precept request for 2024-2025.

8.     Date of next meeting – 22nd January 2024

9.   Close of meeting