Planning Committee

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Agenda – Meeting 3 (2023/24)

3. Planning Agenda 14 08 23

3. Planning Minutes 14 08 23

17.    Apologies for Absence

To receive apologies and consider acceptance

18.    Declarations of Interest

To note any declarations of interest

19.    Minutes of the Meeting held on 10 July 2023

To agree and sign the minutes as a true record.

2. Planning Minutes 10 07 23

20.    Opportunity for Public to Speak

Members of the public are invited to speak on items which are on the agenda in accordance with FTC policy on public speaking at meetings.

21.    Planning Applications

21.1    To consider the applications listed below.

Reference Address Description
23/01961/FUL 58 Bellemonte Road, Frodsham Replacement of existing single storey side/rear extension. (Re-submission of planning permission 22/03987/FUL to reduce scale of proposals)
23/02090/CAT White Cottage, Vicarage Lane, Frodsham 3 x Hollies – Reduce back into hedge line. Conifer (was once part of hedge) – Requires cutting back into hedge line. Pear tree – 20% reduction and shape
23/02001/FUL 5 Blue Hatch, Frodsham Erection of 10m high mast – amendment to planning permission 22/04076/FUL
23/02053/FUL 7 Earlam Court, Frodsham Construction of lean to garage (retrospective)
23/02300/CAT Orchard House, High Street, Frodsham Oak to back garden – This tree is to be given approx a 2m reduction over neighbours property to drive back from roofline. The tree is to also have branches which are presently over hanging railway boundary, cut back to
suitable lateral growth points. 2x Beech trees – Both trees show signs of dead wood at low level, this dead wood is to be pole pruned and removed. 3x Sycamore to back garden area – The right hand Sycamore is to have small amount of dead wood removed at low level. Middle Sycamore is to have the bough overhanging garden reduced to suitable lateral growth points. Left hand Sycamore is to be fully removed leaving as low a stump as is safely possible to achieve
23/02195/FUL 25 Maori Drive, Frodsham Single storey rear extension and conversion of garage with alteration to roof pitch
23/02271/FUL 4 Alexandra Mews, Frodsham Replacement windows and doors to front and rear of property
23/02287/FUL 20 Carriage Drive, Frodsham Two storey and single storey front extensions and alterations to existing windows and doors
23/02384/FUL 4 Howey Rise, Frodsham Single storey rear extension

22.    To note the document provided by the Clerk

To note the Planning Considerations document provided by the Clerk.

Planning Considerations Document

23.    Date of next meeting

Monday 11 September 2023 at 6.30pm