Policy & Process Committee

Event Details

Agenda – Meeting 2 (2019/20)

Policy & Process Committee Agenda 19-08-19 (2)

Policy & Process Committee Minutes 19-08-19(2)


No Item
24 Apologies for Absence – To note
25 Declarations of Interest – To note
26 Minutes of Meeting 1 held 24/06/2019

To agree as true and accurate record.

Policy & Process Committee Minutes 24 06 19 (1)

27 Requests from the public to speak
28 Finance

To note and approve finance report

28. Finance reports (2)

28.1 To note and approve bank reconciliations
29 Frodsham Community Association & Frodsham Youth Association

To receive a report from Cllr J Critchley following the meeting held on 8/08/2019

30 Website

To note the communications report for June and July 2019

30. FTC Web Analytics June July 2019

31 Review of Committees

To approve the recommendations of the Committee Working Group

31. Committee Working Group (2)

32 Charges

To review the following charges:

Room Rental (Castle Park)

Playing fields/Land Rental

Any changes to be recommended to full Council

33 Complaints Procedure

To consider adoption of the Complaints Procedure circulated prior to the meeting

33. Complaints Policy (2)

34 Grants

To receive a report from 2018/19 and note applications for the period 2019/20

34. Grants Report

35 Regalia

To receive a report from Cllr J Critchley and agree action to be taken

36 Castle Park House update

To discuss the current situation, any updates and agree any actions

37 Arnold-Baker on Local Council Administration Edition Ninth Edition

To consider sale through ChALC newsletter

38 Clerk’s Items

To note any information items.

39 Date of next meeting

Monday 28th October 2019

40 Close of meeting