Policy & Process Committee

Event Details

Agenda – Meeting 4 (2019/20)

Policy & Process Committee Agenda 28-10-2019(4)

Policy & Process Committee Minutes 28-10-2019(4)

No Item
49 Apologies for absence – To note
50 Declarations of interest – To note
51 Minutes of Meeting 3 held 2/10/19

To agree as true and accurate record.

Policy & Process Committee Minutes 02-10-2019 (3)

52 Requests from the public to speak
53 Finance

To approve September finance report

53. Finance Report September 2019(4)

53.1 To approve September bank reconciliations
54 Website

To note the communications report for September 2019.

55 Review of committees
55.5 To review the Terms of Reference for the Staffing Sub-Committee of P&P Committee.

55.5. Staffing Sub-Committee – Terms of Reference(4)

55.6 To consider merging Cemetery Committee into P&P Committee.
56 Sale of Council van

To consider sale of Council van following the appointment of Northwich Town Council for grounds maintenance services.

57 Frodsham Community Association and Frodsham Youth Association

To receive an update.

58 Over 70s vouchers

To agree process and method of delivery.

59 Clerk’s appraisal

To note successful completion of 6 month probation period, successful conclusion of appraisal and award of 1 spinal point (from 1st October 2019) in accordance with the Clerk’s terms and conditions of employment.

60 Clerk’s items

To note any information items.

61 Date of next meeting

Monday 16th December at 7pm.