Policy & Process Committee

Event Details

Agenda – Meeting 2 (2018/19)

Policy & Process Committee Agenda 20 08 18 (2)

Policy & Process Committee Minutes 27 08 18 (2)

No Item
29 Apologies for Absence – To note
30 Declarations of Interest – To note
31 Minutes of Meeting 1 – 25 June

To agree as true and accurate record.

31. Policy & Process Committee Minutes 25 06 18 (1)

31.7. Staffing Sub Minutes 19 June 18 (1)

32 Requests from the public to speak
33 Staffing Sub-committee

To note the next meeting is planned for 9 October and agree agenda items for discussion.

34 Website
34.1 To note the Communications Report.

34.1 FTC Web Analytics June-July 2018

34.2 To review the additional Admin Officer’s hours for website work and agree again for 12 months.
35 Grants Panel

To receive and approve the recommendations from the Grants Panel, and to recommend them to council.

36 FTC Letterhead

To discuss and agree when and how the FTC letterhead should be used.

37 Finance Management:  01.07.18 – 31.07.18 – To note the finance report.

37. Finance Report – July 2018

37.1 Paid Expenditure

To note the total expenditure in July 2018 was £11,318.30.

37.2 Received Income

To note the total receipts in July2018 was £3060.35

37.3 Bank Reconciliation

To note that, after all considerations total cash balances at the end of July 2018 were £386,377.78

38 CCLA Deposit Funds

To discuss and agree closing the Bank of Scotland Deposit Account and opening a CCLA Public Sector Deposit Fund account as the interest rates on the later are better.

38. CCLA Share class 4 yield summary

39 Castle Park House Update

To discuss the current situation, any updates and agree any actions.

40 Coffee Machine

To discuss and agree replacing the coffee machine in the meeting room @ £295+VAT.

41 Kingsley Parish Council
41.1 To discuss a proposal from KPC to seek temporary RFO support from FTC, approximately 1 hour per week.
41.2 To agree that hours worked for KPC by TC will be paid through our payroll and reimbursed by KPC on a monthly basis.
42 Complaints & Compliments

To note there have been a number of complaints and agree any actions.

43 Clerk’s Items

To note any information items.

44 Date of next meeting

Monday 22 October 2018

45 Frodsham Community Association Lease

To discuss the advice from the solicitor and agree actions.