Policy & Process Committee

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Agenda – Meeting 3 (2018/19)

Policy & Process Committee Agenda 22 10 18 (3)

Policy & Process Committee Minutes 22.10.18 (3)


No Item
46 Apologies for Absence – To note
47 Declarations of Interest – To note
48 Minutes of Meeting 2 – 20 August

To agree as true and accurate record.

48. P&P Minutes 20 08 18 (2)

49 Requests from the public to speak
50 Staffing Sub-committee

To note the meeting planned for 9 October was cancelled and has been re-arranged for Tuesday 20 November.

51 Website

To note the Communications Report.

51. FTC Web Analytics Aug-Sept 2018

52 Grants Panel

To discuss and confirm the amount of grant being given to Weaver Scout Group.

53 Finance Management:  01.09.18 – 30.09.18 – To note the finance report.

53. Finance Report – Sept

53.1 Paid Expenditure

To note the total expenditure in September 2018 was £17,070.21.

53.2 Received Income

To note the total receipts in September 2018 was £2,034.00.

53.3 Bank Reconciliation

To note that, after all considerations total cash balances at the end of September 2018 were £380,678.22.

54 CCLA Public Sector Deposit Account

To note that the account has now been opened and to agree an initial deposit.

55 Recommendations from Community Committee
55.1 R1. To agree to replace the existing Speedgun @ £1,770+VAT using the Community Safety budget – proposed and seconded by Cllrs L Brown and M Nield.
55.2 R2. To agree to underwrite the costs of a Drive Safely for Longer Seminar @ approximately £400+VAT from the Community Safety budget – proposed and seconded by Cllrs J Critchley and A Oulton.
55.3 To agree to pass the budget for Community Safety to Community Committee for 2019-20.
56 P&P Action Plan

To review the half year performance against the agreed Action Plan and agree any actions.

56. P&P Action Plan for 2018-19 Progress

57 Half year Actuals against P&P Budget

To discuss the half year figures and second half projections and agree any actions.


58 Action Plan and Budget 2019-20

To discuss the Action Plan for 2019-20 and agree the budget requirements needed to achieve the Plan.

59 Review of Polling Districts and Polling Stations
59.1 To note that CWAC are undertaking a statutory review of parliamentary polling districts and polling stations ending on 7 November.

59. Consultation Letter

59.2 To discuss and agree any comments to be made to the returning officer on the proposals.
60 Castle Park House Update

To discuss the current situation, any updates and agree any actions.

61 Student Placement

To discuss a Chester University Placement between 7 May & 7 June 2019 and agree actions.

61. Can you host a Student Placement

62 Clerk’s Items

To note any information items.

63 Date of next meeting

Monday 17 December 2018


To discuss the advice from the solicitor and agree actions.