Policy & Process Committee

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Meeting 1 (2017/18)

Policy & Process Committee Agenda 12.06. 17 (1)

Policy & Process Committee Minutes 12.06.17 (1)

No Item
1 Appointment of Chair
2 Appointment of Deputy Chair
3 Apologies for Absence – To note
4 Declarations of Interest – To note
5 Agree TOR for the year

To note the Terms of Reference agreed at the Annual Meeting.

5. P&P ToR 2017-18

6 Minutes of Meeting 13 – 8 May

To agree as true and accurate record.

6. PP Minutes 08 05 17 (13)

7 Requests from the public to speak
8 Finance Scrutiny Sub-committee

To note the minutes of the meeting held on 6 June, the decisions taken and consider the following recommendations:

8. Finance Scrutiny Minutes 06 06 17 (1)

R1.  To reduce the quorum for meetings of Finance Scrutiny Sub-committee to 3 in the Terms of Reference.

8. R1 Finance Scrutiny Sub-Committee – Terms of Reference

R2. To increase the limit in 2.1.iii to £250 in the Methodology for the Effective Execution of Executive Powers for Budget Holding Committees.

8. R2 Exec_Powers

R3. To recommend the amended Financial Regulations for approval.

8. R3 Fin Regs

R4. To recommend the amended Publications Scheme for approval.

8. R4 Publication_Scheme

9 Frodsham Youth Association

To receive FYA’s six-month report and accounts and agree any actions.

9. 2016-17 Simplified Accounts (not examined)

10 Committee & Working Groups
10.1 To review current membership of committees & working groups and to discuss alternative selection processes.
10.2 To agree to set up a small working group, consisting of the Chairs of all committees, to discuss and make recommendations on the distribution of work between committees.
10.3 To discuss WW1 Commemorative Group remit, membership and make recommendations to council on the way forward.
11 Freedom of Information and Data Protection

To review the process for handling requests made under the Freedom of Information and Data Protection Acts and recommend any changes to council.

12 Press/Media Policy

To review the policy and recommend any changes to council.

12. Media Policy

13 Office Move
13.1 To note the office move is taking place on 21 June and the office will be closed.
13.2 To note the arrangement to cover the reception desk for an interim period.
13.3 To note the purchase of the following items needed to facilitate the move:

Additional shelving for the storage unit @ £185+VAT

Small fridge @ £66+VAT.

14 Ship Street
14.1 To discuss process for the sale of land.
14.2 To note the railing around the area have been damaged and to agree any actions.
15 Equality Training

To agree to hold a training session for council.

16 Internal Auditor

To agree the tendering process for the appointment of the Internal Auditor for 3 years starting with financial year 2017-18.

16. Frodsham1617_final_IAreport

17 Website
17.1 To note the Communications reports for May and June.

17. Comms report to P&P May 17

17. Comms report to P&P June 17

17.2 To discuss and agree including the PCSO Surgeries on the Meetings calendar.
18 Mayor/Chair’s Allowance

To discuss and agree how to operate this allowance.

19 Clerk’s Urgent Items

To consider any urgent items received since the agenda was published and agree any actions.

20 Date of next meeting                    10 July

Members of Committee: Cllrs D Critchley, J Critchley, R Holt, A Oulton, F Pennington and M Poulton