Policy & Process Committee

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Agenda – Meeting 12 (2016/17)

Policy & Process Committee Agenda 08.05.17

Policy & Process Committee Minutes 08.05.17

No. Item
175 Apologies for Absence
  To note
176 Declarations of Interest
  To note
177 Minutes of Meeting 12 – 19 April
  To agree as true and accurate record.
Policy & Process Committee Minutes 19.04.17
178 Requests from the public to speak
179 Annual Town Meeting
  To agree the date, time and format for the ATM.
180 Annual Report
  To agree the draft Annual report.
181 Website & Social Media
  To note the monthly statistics for March & April.

Comms report Apr 17

182 Office Premises
  To agree the License and discuss any actions required.
183 Social Media Policy
  To discuss CWAC Social Media Policy and consider adopting it.

CWAC Social Media Guidelines

184 Role of the Mayor
  To agree Guidance for the Mayor’s role.

Civic Guidance for the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Frodsham

185 Grants 2017-18
  To agree the Grants paperwork and timetable.

Revised Grant Application Scheme – April 2017

2017 Grants Scheme – Application Form

186 Public Speaking Protocol
  To agree a protocol for the management of public speaking time.

Public speaking at meetings

187 Standing Orders
  To discuss procedure for arranging ad hoc meetings with members of the public around council business and agree actions.
188 Staff Training
  To agree that The Admin Officer should undertake the ILCA course @ £99+VAT.
189 Audit
  To note the Internal Audit will take place on 24 May.

To note the Exercise of the Public Right to examine the accounts starts on 27 June.

To note the Annual Return must be completed and sent to the External Auditors by 3 July.

190 Nat West Bank
  To agree to close the account.
191 Finance Scrutiny Sub-committee
  To note the next meeting will be Tuesday 30 May at 7pm and to agree any additional agenda items.
192 Clerk’s Items
  To consider any urgent items received since the agenda was published and agree any actions.
193 Date of next meeting
  Monday 12 June at 7pm.