Frodsham Town Council 2016 Grants Scheme

Frodsham Town Council has opened this year’s Grant Scheme and is encouraging any community organisation or individual to apply for projects which:

  • promote social inclusion by building dialogue & understanding; or
  • increase skills & activities to aid social inclusion; or
  • enhance the social, cultural or economic well-being of Frodsham; or
  • achieve excellence in their chosen activities.

An application form and criteria are available from FTC website or from FTC Offices at Castle Park House.  The deadline for applications is 1 July 2016. Decisions will be made and payments issued by cheque in September.

Examples of Activities That Can Attract Grants

  • Sports, recreational & play activity
  • Performing arts (theatre, music etc)
  • Visual arts (painting, sculpture etc)
  • Media, film and video
  • Museums
  • Literature
  • Architecture, landscape and parks
  • Combined arts and festivals
  • Sponsorship
  • The value dimension of culture such as shared identity, memories & experiences and what people consider valuable to pass on to future generations.


Applications will not be considered:

  • for day-to-day running costs;
  • retrospectively (where money has been already spent or committed);
  • If the organisation or individual was awarded a grant within the past two years.

For full details of the scheme, please click here >>
For an application form, please click here >>