Quotations sought for hanging baskets and planters

Frodsham Town Council invites quotations for the supply and preparation of hanging baskets and planters in Frodsham Town centre and their care throughout the growing season.


Hanging Baskets

Prepare and supply 70 16” hanging baskets, filled with suitable plants.

Install and secure all hanging baskets on the brackets attached to lampposts along Main Street and High Street.

Lamppost Planters

Supply suitable plants and fill 7 lamppost planters along Church Street.


Refresh compost, supply suitable plants and fill planters in Ship Street (box planter on pavement), Ashton Drive (2 large sewer pipes), St Hilda’s Drive (small planters outside the Mace store) and Fountain Lane (end of cinder track on barriers).


To ensure sufficient watering to maintain the baskets to the highest standards throughout the season (May to September), including watering twice a day if required during very hot & dry spells.

Watering should not be carried out between 8am & 6pm to avoid causing traffic congestion.
Please quote separately for:

  • Hanging baskets & Planters
  • Watering

Deadline for quotation is Tuesday 28 February 2017. Please respond by email to townclerk@frodsham.gov.uk