Upcoming Exhibitions at Castle Park Arts Centre (10 August to 17 September 2022)

Upcoming Exhibitions Aug to Sept 2022


‘Lines of Thought’ – ReMIX

The ReMix group annual exhibition is the culmination of a year of exploration of a theme through group workshops and individual investigations. This year the theme is ‘Lines of Thought’. Each piece in the exhibition is one artist’s response to this theme in their chosen medium.

Lines of Thought – ReMIX (castlepark.co.uk)

Square landscape painting








GALLERY 2 -Andrew Croughton & Sue Marsden
‘Wildlife & Wildlands’

A collection of mixed media works by

Andrew Croughton and Sue Marsden, members of the clipped In artist group.


images of wildlife and wild landscapes Inspired by the British Isles and the outdoors In all weather conditions.

A collection of works In all mediums from water colour, acrylic, oils, mixed media, textiles and photography.

Wildlife & Wildlands – Andrew Croughton & Sue Marsden (castlepark.co.uk)







Gallery 3 title









‘Inspired By’ – The Artists Group

The Artists Group is a newly formed group of professional, semi professional and amateur artists from The Wirral, Chester and North Wales areas. They produce 2D and 3D work across a broad spectrum of media and subject matter. ‘’Inspired By’ is an opportunity for members to display their breadth of creativity.

Inspired By – The Artists Group (castlepark.co.uk)

The Arts Centre is located in the Historic town of Frodsham, in the grounds of Castle Park. The centre is an independently funded charitable Trust, managed and run by volunteers.  We provided a fantastic space where people can participate in, learn about, appreciate or buy art in an environment that is unique, warm and friendly.

Our four galleries host a rolling programme of exhibitions, which change every 6 weeks.  Every November we host our Annual Open Art Exhibition which is open to artists of all ages and skills.  We also host a variety of arts forms and in the evenings performing arts, events various other activities and meetings.

Come along & view original artwork & craft work, which can be purchased or just admired.

Our café is also open, where refreshments & light lunches are available.