Frodsham Town Council’s response to the Solar Farm Consultation Phase 1

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Frodsham Town Council has the following comments to make:

  • There are concerns regarding the landscape and visual effects with regard to the character of the area and the residential visual amenity.
  • There are concerns regarding the ecology of the site and nature conservation with respect to the impact on habitat; impact on breeding birds; impact on wintering birds; bats and the effect on their foraging and commuting characteristics; water vole; badgers; great crested newts, other amphibians and invertebrates.
  • There are concerns regarding the effect on existing businesses and organisations operating in the area and whether there is any consideration of any representation from relevant businesses and organisations.
  • The site is in close proximity to the M56 and it is not clear whether there will be an impact on motorway traffic from glint and glare.
  • There would appear to be little benefit to the residents of Frodsham from such a large-scale impact on the local landscape. Frodsham Town Council requests that any negotiated benefit comes directly to the residents of Frodsham and not to the wider Cheshire West and Chester area.
  • There are concerns regarding the impact on the implementation of Cheshire West and Chester Council policy on Recreational Route Ways (DM 37).

Approved by Frodsham Town Council at the meeting held on 24th July 2023 attended by:  Cllr Lofts (Acting Chair), Cllr Holman, Cllr Wood, Cllr Sumner, Cllr Eakin, Cllr Nield, Cllr Lord Pennington, Cllr D Critchley, Cllr J Critchley & Cllr Lowrie.

Minute reference:  24/07/2023/10

Frodsham solar farm consultation #1