Amenities Committee

Event Details

Agenda – Meeting 2 (2023/24)

2. Amenities Committee Agenda 10-07-2023

2. Amenities Committee Minutes 10-07-2023

1.    Apologies and reasons for absence

To receive apologies and note reasons for absence from members.

2.    Declarations of interest

To note any declarations of interest on items which are on the agenda.

3.    Public participation

Members of the public are invited to speak on items which are on the agenda in accordance with FTC  policy on public speaking at meetings:

4.    Approval of minutes

To approve and sign the minutes of the Amenities Committee held on 12th June 2023.

1. Amenities Committee Minutes 12-06-2023

5.    Actions from the minutes

To note the actions from the meeting held 12th June 2023:

9C Play inspections It was agreed to arrange a meeting with Northwich Town Council to consider the SLA and any revisions required to the contract.  The meeting is to be attended by Cllrs Lofts, Hayes & J O’Donoghue.  obtain quotes for the works required and to set up a rolling programme of works beginning with those assessed with the highest criteria. Town Clerk to forward copy of SLA for grounds maintenance to Cllr Lofts. Meeting dates requested. Quotes requested. Copy of SLA sent to RL
10c Cemetery It was unanimously agreed to accept the lowest tree works quotation at a cost of £2,600 from Northwich Town Council. Instructed
11b Ship Street It was agreed to relocate the noticeboard from outside Weaver Vale Primary School to Green Gates Park. Quote requested
11d Ship Street The inspections and bins have been added to the SLA. Completed
12 Allotments It was unanimously agreed to purchase software from Edge. It was agreed to investigate whether Cheshire West and Chester Council would be prepared to lease/gift a section of Salt Works for use as an additional allotment site Software instructed.                            Email sent to Pam Bradley re Saltworks (22/06/23).  Meeting arranged 12/07/23
13d Town Clock It was agreed to carry out a consultation with residents via social media to ask for suggestions/opinions on re-siting the clock. Consultation began 4th July to 25th July
13d Town Clock Clerk to check whether the town clock is listed. Completed not listed

6.    Tarvin Road Cemetery

To receive a report from Liz Kenny, Cemetery Clerk.

6. Cemetery Report

7.    Green Gates Park

  1. To note the condition of the park post installation
  2. To agree action to be taken

8.    Town Clock

To note that a consultation with residents regarding the position of the clock began on 4th July 2023 with an end date of 25th July 2023:

9.    Clerk’s report

To receive any additional report

10.  Date of next meeting – 14th August 2023

11.  Close of meeting