Amenities Committee

Event Details

Agenda – Meeting 4 (2023/24)

Meeting pack 11-09-2023

4. Amenities Committee Minutes 11-09-2023

1.    Apologies and reasons for absence

To receive apologies and note reasons for absence from members.

2.    Declarations of interest

To note any declarations of interest on items which are on the agenda.

3.    Public participation

Members of the public are invited to speak on items which are on the agenda in accordance with FTC  policy on public speaking at meetings:

4.    Approval of minutes

To approve and sign the minutes of the Amenities Committee held on 14th August 2023.

5.    Budget

To note the current budget report provided and expenditure to date (31st August 2023).

6.    Green Gates Park

  1. To note that the trees alongside the path have been strimmed.
  2. To note that the noticeboard has been ordered and that, following information received from CWAC Monitoring Officer, dogs will be allowed on the park providing they remain on a lead at all times. The Monitoring Officer confirmed that the definition used in the Public Space Protection Order is intended to ensure that enclosed play areas for children under 12 years of age are ‘dog free’, as distinct from larger multi-age/multi-use greenspaces.  For a ‘blanket ban’ on dogs in the entire park to be introduced, a site-specific PSPO would be required and there would need to be good evidence to justify the restriction, which would include specific information (records), such as details of any incidents, dates and times.
  3. To note the report provided by Stephen-Halliday with complete snagging list.
  4. To agree any further action to be taken.

7.    Town Clock

  1. To note that the Cumbria Clock Company has agreed to hold the price until May 2024 to enable Frodsham Town Council to budget for the works in the precept.
  2. To consider the quotations received for regular maintenance of the Town clock together with the original clock currently located outside Kash 22 on Church Street.

8.    Play areas

To note that the works approved at the meeting held on 14th August 2023 have been instructed and scheduled.

9.    Crowmere Lake

  1. To note the response to queries raised by the request to use Crowmere Lake for training exercises in the use of new flood rescue equipment:
    1. No fish will be harmed during the training exercises and a common-sense approach with anglers will be adhered too as the fire service understand this is a community entity to be shared by all.
    2. No water will be removed from the lake as the fire service has alternative training locations for pumping water. (River Weaver)
    3. The fire service would be looking to use the lake 3 or 4 times a year if possible and each session will take around 1 hour. The fire service are requesting the use of the lake due to its shallow depths which is ideal to simulate a flood or water rescue. This will give the Firefighters some valuable practical experience of wading/rescues in a familiar local environment.
    4. The fire service would treat the lake, wildlife, and residents with the upmost respect.

b. To approve the use of the lake for training purposes as listed above.

10.  Hob Hey Wood

  1. To note that, following a period of heavy rain, the stone path from the main bridge in Hob Hey Wood up to the path to Bradley has been washed away.
  2. To consider quotation for path repairs under Finance Regulation 11.1(iv) extension to existing contract for grounds maintenance.

11.  Noticeboard

To note that the insurance claim has been upheld and the noticeboard for outside Costa has been   ordered with a 4-6 week lead time.

12.  Phone boxes – defibrillators

  1. To note a report from Cllr Lofts regarding the phone boxes housing the defibrillators.
  2. To consider quotation received for painting the phone boxes under Finance Regulation 11.1(iv) extension to existing contract for grounds maintenance.

13.  Community Centre field

  1. To note that 10 properties on Blue Hatch hold tenancies for a strip of land between the field and Blue Hatch with Frodsham Town Council which is due for renewal in January 2024.
  2. To note reports of rats entering rear gardens from the field
  3. To note a request for cutting back the vegetation to the rear of properties on Blue Hatch.
  4. To consider quotation received for cutting back the vegetation under Finance Regulation 11.1(iv) extension to existing contract for grounds maintenance.

14.  Marshlands

To note that works to remove fallen trees have been completed.

15.  Clerk’s report

To receive any additional report

16.  Date of next meeting – 9th October 2023

17.  Close of meeting