REARRANGED – Cemetery Committee

Event Details

Agenda – Meeting 5 (2018/19)

Cemetery Committee Agenda 12-04-19

Cemetery Committee Minutes 12-04-19

No Item
46 Apologies
47 Declarations of Interest
48 Minutes of the meeting 4 of Cemetery Committee held on 7 December 2018

To agree and sign as a true record

Cemetery Committee Minutes 7.12.18

51 Opportunity for Public to Speak
50 Cemetery Design Update

To receive an update

51 Cemetery Regulations
51.1 To review and agree amendments to the Cemetery Regulations
51.2 To note quotation received for printing 250 copies of the Cemetery Regulations.
52 Cemetery Paperwork

To approve the paperwork to transfer ownership or assign ownership.

53 Fees structure
53.1 To note the review of fee structures at other local cemeteries.
53.2 To approve fee structure
54 Signage

To review signage for car park users when not visiting the cemetery

55 Sanctum 2000

To review purchase and costings

56 Agenda items for the next meeting

To agree any additional agenda items for the next meeting.

57 Date of next meeting
58 Close of meeting