Cemetery Committee

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Agenda – Meeting 1 (2019/20)

Cemetery Committee Agenda 5-06-19 (1)

Cemetery Committee Minutes 5-06-19 (1)

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1 Appointment of Chair

To appoint the Chair

2 Appointment of Deputy Chair

To appoint the Deputy Chair

3 Apologies
4 Declarations of interests
5 Minutes of the meeting 4 of Cemetery Committee held on 12th April 2019

To agree and sign as a true record.

Cemetery Committee Minutes 12-04-19

6 Opportunity for the public to speak
7 Cemetery development update

To receive a report from the Clerk

7. Cemetery progress report

7. Cemetery timescale

8 Cemetery training

To note the Clerk attended training on 1st April and 30th May

9 Fee structure

To approve modest increase in fees as previously agreed in principle.

9. Cemetery fees

10 Cemetery Regulations

To note that full Council has not yet considered banning all dogs except for assistance dogs in the cemetery

11 Cemetery Paperwork

To note process for Transfer of Ownership

12 Agenda items for the next meeting

To agree any additional agenda items for the next meeting.

13 Date of next meeting(s)

25th September, 11th December, 25th March

14 Close of meeting