Cemetery Committee

Event Details

Agenda – Meeting 4 (2017/18)

Cemetery Committee Agenda 19.04.18

Cemetery Committee Minutes 19.04.18

No Item
40 Apologies
41 Minutes of the meeting held on 2 February 2018

To agree and sign as a true record.

Cemetery Committee Minutes 2.02.18 (3)

42 Right for the public to speak
43 Actual spend against budget 2017/18

To note the final end of year figures.

43. Actual spend 2017-18

44 Ear-marked Reserves

To agree to recommend to Council that the surplus identified at the end of the Financial year of £11,615.46 should be added to the Ear-marked Reserve for the future development and maintenance of the Cemetery.

44. Cemetery Surplus Calculation 2017-18

45 Cemetery Design Support

To receive an update on the design proposal for the expansion and agree any actions.

46 Removal of Trees

To discuss the proposed removal of trees as agreed at FTC meeting 26.01.15 and agree actions.

46. FTC Minutes 26.01.15 (14)

47 Northwich Cemetery Visit

To receive a report from the visit and agree actions.

48 Cemetery Regulations

To review and agree amendments to the regulations.

48. Cemetery Regulations 2018

48. Cemetery Management Guidance – Extract Transfer of Ownership

49 Cemetery Fees 2018-19

To review cemetery fees for 2018-19 and agree any revisions.

49. Burial Fees List 2016

50 Access Improvements

To receive an update on the improvement works and agree actions.

51 Agenda items for the next meeting

To agree any additional agenda items for the next meeting.

52 Date of next meeting

28 June 2018 (7pm).