Cemetery Committee

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Agenda – Meeting 2 (2018/19)

Cemetery Committee Agenda 27.09.18

Cemetery Committee Minutes 27.09.18

No Item
15 Apologies
16 Minutes of the meeting 1 of Cemetery Committee held on 28 June 2018

To agree and sign as a true record.

Cemetery Committee Minutes 28.06.18

17 Cemetery Design Support
17.1 To discuss and agree the design of the extension to the burial plots area.
17.2 To agree the timescale for the development work to take place.
18 Cemetery Training

To receive a report back from the training event.

19 Cemetery Regulations

To review and agree amendments to the regulations, based on information received at the training event.

19. Cemetery Regulations 2018

20 Cemetery Paperwork

To discuss and agree revised paperwork – Notice of Internment, Acceptance of Regulations, Statutory Declaration, Transfer of Ownership and Memorial Application.


20. INTERMENT FORMS20. Memorial Permit App20. Statutory Declaration

20. Transfer Letter

21 Access Improvements
21.1 To note the grassloc path and dropped kerbs have been installed and have improved the access to the Family plot area.
21.2 To consider adding dropped kerbs to other areas to improve access and agree actions.
22 Sanctum 2000
22.1 To discuss the costs of the Sanctum 2000 and agree the price to be charged.
22.2 To agree the site for the Sanctum 2000 installations.
23 Natural Burials

To discuss the site visit to the Natural Burial site in Manley.

24 Agenda items for the next meeting

To agree any additional agenda items for the next meeting.

25 Date of next meeting(s)

7 December 2018 (3pm) and 29 March 2019 (3pm).